Type: Pet
Level: 1
Brakarinas are a real pain in the neck. After the extermination of Brakmar's Vilinsekts, they spread like a plague through the houses. You'll find them creepy crawling in your mattresses, carpets and household linens. Some Brakmarians like their cantankerous nature and keep them as pets.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Black Rat
550 Vitality
Monster souls
10 Vitality
100 x Sick Grossewer Rat, 100 x Sick Grossewer Milirat, 100 x Sick Grossewer Shaman, 60 x Grossewer Rat, 60 x Grossewer Shaman, 60 x Hyoactive Rat, 35 x Rat Suenami, 35 x Rat Tchet, 35 x Rat Bag, 35 x Rat Basher, 35 x Rat Pakk, 35 x Rat Rah, 25 x Ratworm, 25 x Ratfink, 25 x Packrat, 25 x Rugrat, 25 x Ratter, 25 x Brat, 25 x Riffrat, 25 x Prat, 5 x Black Rat, 5 x White Rat, 1 x Sphincter Cell