Type: Pet
Level: 1
Ratchams are often mistaken for rats, due to their tail, long ears, and lack of body hair. But if you adopt one, you'll soon find out how little this pawed predator has in common with a rodent. As cuddly as they come, it'll lick your face, and you'll discover that Ratchams are, in fact, not completely lacking in hair. They feed on the souls of monsters from Minotoror Island.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Minotoror
550 Vitality
Monster souls
10 Vitality
35 x Minokid, 35 x Quetsnakiatl, 35 x Scaratos, 35 x Minoskito, 35 x Manderisha, 35 x Khamelerost, 5 x Mumminotor, 5 x Deminoball, 2 x Minotoror, 1 x Minotot