Type: Pet
Level: 1
Thing is a hand that can think, write and act by itself. It's a very obliging creature. It's believed that it once worked for the prestigious Dadums family from Forfut. However, they used this hand in ways we wouldn't want to mention in polite company, and it was eventually driven to run away and find a less twisted owner. It happened to find you, and there's a good chance you won't be much better than the Dadums family. Thing's destiny is nothing if not tragic.
0 to 49 AP Parry
1 AP Parry
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Kimbo
54 AP Parry
6 AP Parry
Monster souls
1 AP Parry
30 x Floramor, 30 x Dark Pikoko, 30 x Rotaflor, 30 x Gwass, 30 x Barkritter, 30 x Warguerite, 30 x Dark Treeckler, 15 x Air Pikoko, 15 x Cheeken, 15 x Snailmet, 15 x Moopet, 15 x Light Treeckler, 15 x Kimbo's Disciple, 2 x Stunned Tynril, 1 x Kimbo
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Otomai Island