Type: Petsmount
Level: 60
A ridiculous giant Borbat, the Skrot is an unfailingly faithful mount. Its love for you will manifest itself in many ways. Sometimes it will lick you from head to toe, and it won't hesitate to swallow and suck on the former! Never has such an affectionate animal been seen, just so long as it doesn't take you for its next snack… The Skrot eats Dark Monsters, thereby preventing their overpopulation. Favourite area: cemeteries.
0 to 2000 Initiative
Exchangeable: 01/01/600 02:02
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Boostache
2100 Initiative
Monster souls
20 Initiative
30 x Evil Tofu, 30 x Vampire Master, 30 x Vampire, 30 x Kwoan, 30 x Gargoyl, 30 x Garglyph, 20 x Ouassingal, 20 x Ouassingue, 10 x Neye, 10 x Pumpkwin, 10 x Oni, 5 x Prepubescent Boostache, 1 x Boostache
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Amakna, Sidimote Moors, Trool Fair, Astrub