Type: Pet
Level: 1
Friendrakes are born in the waters of Sufokia, away from prying eyes. These miniature dragons have long lacked affection, and they make for extremely loyal companions. When a Friendrake adopts you, it's for life! When you go on nights out with your fellow adventurers, you can count on your Friendrake to warm up the room and lighten the mood with the funny faces it makes. The Friendrake devours bworks' souls.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Bworker
55 Wisdom
Monster souls
1 Wisdom
50 x Bwork Magus, 50 x Bwork Archer, 50 x Bwork, 10 x Mama Bwork, 10 x Elemental Fire Bwork, 10 x Elemental Water Bwork, 10 x Elemental Air Bwork, 10 x Elemental Earth Bwork, 10 x Cybwork, 10 x Tamed Trool, 5 x Bworkette, 1 x Bworker