Type: Pet
Level: 1
Although not quite as cute as a Konalak, you'll feel just as much need to take care of it, cuddle it, stroke its head, and rub your face against its soft fur. To eliminate all competition and make sure it gets as many hugs as it can, it devours other koalaks' souls.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Koolich
90 Prospecting
Monster souls
1 Prospecting
30 x Brown Warko, 30 x Dok Alako, 30 x Immature Koalak, 30 x Indigo Koalak, 30 x Coco Koalak, 30 x Morello Cherry Koalak, 30 x Pippin Koalak, 30 x Piralak, 30 x Koalak Forester, 30 x Fisheralak, 20 x Bloody Koalak, 20 x Purple Warko, 20 x Koalak Warrior, 20 x Mama Koalak, 20 x Wild Koalak, 20 x Reapalak, 15 x Koalak Master, 15 x Koalak Rider, 15 x Koalak Mummy, 15 x Koalak Gravedigger, 15 x Drakoalak, 2 x Koolich