Type: Pet
Level: 1
Although not quite as cute as a Konalak, you'll feel just as much need to take care of it, cuddle it, stroke its head, and rub your face against its soft fur. Favourite area: Koalak Mountain.
0 to 79 Prospecting
1 Prospecting
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Koolich
89 Prospecting
11 Prospecting
Monster souls
1 Prospecting
20 x Dok Alako, 20 x Immature Koalak, 15 x Brown Warko, 15 x Indigo Koalak, 15 x Coco Koalak, 15 x Morello Cherry Koalak, 15 x Pippin Koalak, 15 x Piralak, 15 x Koalak Forester, 15 x Fisheralak, 10 x Bloody Koalak, 10 x Purple Warko, 10 x Koalak Warrior, 10 x Mama Koalak, 10 x Wild Koalak, 10 x Reapalak, 5 x Koalak Master, 5 x Koalak Rider, 5 x Koalak Mummy, 5 x Koalak Gravedigger, 5 x Drakoalak, 2 x Koolich
Favourite area and Area bonus 50 %
Koalak Mountain