Type: Pet
Level: 1
If in some dreadfully unfortunate circumstance, someone were to push granny into a bunch of cacti, don't worry! Dauge won't hesitate for a second before helping her and becoming the sole beneficiary of her will. Dauge feeds on others of its kind in the Sidimote Moors.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Moowolf
88 Strength
Monster souls
1 Strength
200 x Kolerat, 120 x Snoowolf, 100 x Scurvion, 100 x Whitish Fang, 100 x Ouginak, 70 x Kaniger, 70 x Lab Kolerat, 40 x Furious Whitish Fang, 40 x Rabid Ouginak, 40 x Reinforced Scurvion, 25 x Boowolf, 25 x Miliboowolf, 25 x Mature Kaniger, 5 x Nelween, 1 x Moowolf