Type: Petsmount
Level: 60
Brulay is a bit of a hot-head with a short fuse. You'd better not upset him if you'd like to keep your butt out of the fire.
Max effects with hormone
160 Intelligence
Monster souls
1 Intelligence
25 x Tikokoko, 25 x Kokoko, 25 x Kokonut, 25 x Red Turtle, 25 x Blue Turtle, 25 x Green Turtle, 25 x Yellow Turtle, 25 x Rokoko, 5 x Ambusher, 3 x Bignstrong the Quartermaster, 3 x Turtan'ernie the Streetwise, 3 x Turtrenalds the Tragic, 3 x Turticorn the Horned, 3 x Turture the Hooded, 3 x Ambushapens the Unlucky, 3 x Kokonan the Talker, 3 x Misskokoko the Channel