Type: Pet
Level: 1
This technological parasite seems to come from a different era. Despite its harmful impact on the environment, adventurers are deliriously fond of it and ready to do anything to get their hands on one. Noxine eats the souls of Scaraleaves, and its favourite area is the Scaraleaf Plain.
0 to 399 Vitality
1 Vitality
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Golden Scarabugly
439 Vitality
161 Vitality
Monster souls
1 Vitality
40 x Red Scaraleaf, 40 x Blue Scaraleaf, 40 x Green Scaraleaf, 40 x White Scaraleaf, 20 x Immature Scaraleaf, 5 x Black Scaraleaf, 2 x Scaratheef the Pincher, 2 x Scarahazad the Storyteller, 2 x Scarabreef the Short, 2 x Scaramel the Melty, 1 x Golden Scarabugly
Favourite area and Area bonus 20 %
Amakna, Scaraleaf Dungeon