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Type: Pet
Level: 1
The fairer sex of the fairest class will fall under the spell of this cuddly little ball of fluff. For this reason alone it is to be avoided. Favourite area: Tainela.
0 to 80 Agility
0 to 80 Strength
0 to 20% Neutral Resistance
0 to 80 Intelligence
0 to 80 Vitality
0 to 80 Chance
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Royal Gobball
90 Agility
90 Strength
22% Neutral Resistance
90 Intelligence
90 Vitality
90 Chance
Diet (Interval between meals: 5 to 18 h)
+1 Agility
Tofu Feather, Tofu Egg, Evil Tofu Wing
+1 Strength
Tiwabbit Ears, Gwandpa Wabbit Ear
+1% Neutral Resistance
Strawberry Jelly, Mint Jelly, Bluish Jelly
+1 Intelligence
Ice Kwak Feather, Fire Kwak Feather, Wind Kwak Feather, Grawn, Earth Kwak Feather, Gutted Grawn, Gudgeon, Gutted Gudgeon
+1 Vitality
Dragon Pig Blood, Vampire Blood
+1 Chance
Green Mouse, Trout, Gutted Trout
Favourite area and Area bonus 100 %