Type: Pet
Level: 1
The fairer sex of any class will fall under the spell of this cuddly little ball of fluff. That alone makes it an animal to be feared.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Royal Gobball
110 Agility
110 Strength
27% Neutral Resistance
110 Intelligence
110 Vitality
110 Chance
Diet (Interval between meals: 5 to 720 h)
+1 Agility
Tofu Feather, Tofu Egg, Evil Tofu Wing
+1 Strength
Tiwabbit Ears, Gwandpa Wabbit Ear
+1% Neutral Resistance
Strawberry Jelly, Mint Jelly, Bluish Jelly
+1 Intelligence
Ice Kwak Feather, Fire Kwak Feather, Wind Kwak Feather, Grawn, Earth Kwak Feather, Gutted Grawn, Gudgeon, Gutted Gudgeon
+1 Vitality
Vampire Blood
+1 Chance
Plains Larva Tooth, Trout, Gutted Trout