Type: Pet
Level: 1
This little Wabbit is domesticated and won't bite you. As for strangers, however… Favourite area: anywhere Wabbits can be found.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Wa Wabbit
30 Wisdom
90 Chance
90 Intelligence
90 Strength
90 Agility
Diet (Interval between meals: 5 to 720 h)
+1 Wisdom
Cawwot, Wabbit Leg ****, Wabbit Leg, Wabbit Leg **, Wabbit Leg ***
+1 Chance
Wild Mint Leaf
+1 Intelligence
Five-Leaf Clover
+1 Strength
Palm Fruits, Reworked Treechnid Sap
+1 Agility
Coco Blop Flower, Pippin Blop Flower , Morello Cherry Blop Flower, Indigo Blop Flower
Favourite area and Area bonus 60 %
The Wabbit Islands