Type: Pet
Level: 60
From a distance, this creature looks just like a Bow Wow. A simple glance at its face and you can see it has been through some terrible trials, which eventually led it to become a vegetarian and to subscribe for life to the Pet Sanctuary Foundation. As such, it will only eat vegetables and plants that grow on Pandala. Favourite area: the island of Pandala.
0 to 400 Vitality
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Peki Peki
440 Vitality
Diet (Interval between meals: 3 to 36 h)
+1 Vitality
Rice, Pandkin Seed, Bulbiflor Root, Bulbush Root, Bulbamboo Root, Bulbig Root, Bulbiflor Flower, Bulbush Leaf, Bulbamboo Shoot, Bambooto Leaf, Holy Bambooto Leaf, Magic Bambooto Root, Magic Holy Bambooto Root
Favourite area and Area bonus 40 %
Neutral Pandala, Water Pandala, Earth Pandala, Fire Pandala, Air Pandala, Pandala Dungeon