Type: Pet
Level: 1
A retired toy soldier, this metal creature suddenly came to life one day, and will follow you everywhere you go, risking its life to save yours. All you have to do in return is feed the little guy. Don't expect it to fight your fights for you, though, it'll never replace those naive Astrubian adventurers! Favourite area: anywhere Dark Miners can be found.
0 to 20% Air Resistance
0 to 20% Water Resistance
0 to 20% Earth Resistance
0 to 20% Fire Resistance
0 to 20% Neutral Resistance
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Smiths' Chest
26% Air Resistance
26% Water Resistance
26% Earth Resistance
26% Fire Resistance
26% Neutral Resistance
Diet (Interval between meals: 5 to 720 h)
+1% Air Resistance
Gold Ingot, Aluminite
+1% Water Resistance
Ebonite, Kriptonite
+1% Earth Resistance
Magnesite, Kobalite
+1% Fire Resistance
Bakelelite, Pyrute
+1% Neutral Resistance
Kouartz, Brassic
Favourite area and Area bonus 80 %
Amakna, Brakmar, Astrub