Type: Pet
Level: 1
This small creature is a Bwork that was locked inside a jar for several decades. As it grew, it took the shape of the jar and will now be a cylindrical dwarf its whole life. Its legendary good humour makes for the perfect companion when you know you're going to die soon or for boisterous social occasions. Favourite area: the Amaknian Continent.
0 to 1000 pods
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Bworkette
1100 pods
Diet (Interval between meals: 5 to 72 h)
+10 pods
Cashew Nut, Walnut, Acorn, Hazelnut
Favourite area and Area bonus 20 %
Amakna, Tainela, Sufokia, Treechnid Forest, Bonta, Cania Plains, Brakmar, Sidimote Moors, Dopple Territory, Imp Village, Trool Fair, Astrub, The Dragon Pig's Maze, Treechnid Dungeon, Koalak Mountain, Tofu House, Canidae Dungeon, Koolich Cavern, Pet Sanctuary, Crackler Dungeon, Bwork Dungeon, Scaraleaf Dungeon, Field Dungeon, Dragon Pig Dungeon, Dreggon Dungeon