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Type: Pet
Level: 1
This charming little beetle is in fact a thoroughly fearsome creature. Humiliated by its friends when it was younger, it decided to take its revenge. Just tell it if a Scaraleaf is giving you grief and it'll be glad to sort it out for you. Favourite area: the Scaraleaf Plain.
0 to 18% Fire Resistance
0 to 20% Water Resistance
0 to 20% Earth Resistance
0 to 20% Air Resistance
0 to 20% Neutral Resistance
1% Neutral Resistance
1% Air Resistance
1% Earth Resistance
1% Water Resistance
1% Fire Resistance
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Golden Scarabugly
24% Fire Resistance
26% Water Resistance
26% Earth Resistance
26% Air Resistance
26% Neutral Resistance
5% Neutral Resistance
5% Air Resistance
5% Earth Resistance
5% Water Resistance
5% Fire Resistance
Monster souls
1% Fire Resistance
50 x Red Scaraleaf
1% Water Resistance
50 x Blue Scaraleaf
1% Earth Resistance
50 x Green Scaraleaf
1% Air Resistance
50 x White Scaraleaf
1% Neutral Resistance
5 x Black Scaraleaf
Favourite area and Area bonus 100 %
Amakna, Scaraleaf Dungeon