Type: Pet
Level: 1
Take a Pink Dragoone, plunge it into a pot of black dye, throw some gold dust on it, dip it in oil, then water – now you have a Black Dragoone. This soul-eater only eats dreggon carcasses.
Max effects with hormone
Hormone dropped by: Crocabulia
55 Wisdom
Monster souls
1 Wisdom
100 x Explosive Shell, 100 x Healing Shell, 50 x Immature Golden Dreggon, 50 x White Dreggon, 50 x Immature Black Dreggon, 50 x Golden Dreggon, 50 x Sapphire Dreggon, 50 x Black Dreggon, 50 x Immature White Dreggon, 50 x Alert Black Dreggon, 50 x Alert White Dreggon, 50 x Alert Golden Dreggon, 50 x Alert Sapphire Dreggon, 50 x Immature Sapphire Dreggon, 15 x Black Dragoss, 15 x Dreggon Warrior, 15 x Dragostess, 15 x Alert Black Dragoss, 15 x Flying Dreggon, 15 x Alert White Dragoss, 15 x Alert Golden Dragoss, 15 x Sapphire Dragoss, 15 x White Dragoss, 15 x Golden Dragoss, 15 x Alert Sapphire Dragoss, 10 x Terrakubiack the Warrior, 10 x Ignilicrobur the Warrior, 10 x Aeroktor the Warrior, 10 x Aquabralak the Warrior, 5 x Aqualikros the Merciless, 5 x Ignirkocropos the Famished, 5 x Terraburkahl the Perfidious, 5 x Aerogoburius the Malicious, 1 x Crocabulia