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Name Type Level
Grasmera's Pouch of Magma Grasmera's Pouch of Magma Miscellaneous Lvl 200
Iridescent Orb Iridescent Orb Precious stone Lvl 200
Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather Leather Lvl 199
Kwismas Minotoball Gift Package Kwismas Minotoball Gift Package Kwismas Lvl 197
Mopy King Fabric Mopy King Fabric Fabric Lvl 196
Mopy King Inside Out Shorts Mopy King Inside Out Shorts Miscellaneous Lvl 196
Yokai Snowfoux Skull Yokai Snowfoux Skull Bone Lvl 195
Yokai Snowfoux Wool Yokai Snowfoux Wool Wool Lvl 195
Kolosso's Caverns Key Kolosso's Caverns Key Key Lvl 190
Professor Xa Flank Steak Professor Xa Flank Steak Meat Lvl 190
Mellifluous Bearbarian Tail Mellifluous Bearbarian Tail Tail Lvl 190
Kami Snowfoux Incisor Kami Snowfoux Incisor Bone Lvl 190
Maho Snowfoux Wool Maho Snowfoux Wool Wool Lvl 190
Brockhard Flank Steak Brockhard Flank Steak Meat Lvl 190
Bestial Brockhard Hair Bestial Brockhard Hair Hair Lvl 190
Venomous Brockhard Tail Venomous Brockhard Tail Tail Lvl 190
Rampant Bearbarian Wool Rampant Bearbarian Wool Wool Lvl 190
Vespal Bearbarian Antenna Vespal Bearbarian Antenna Miscellaneous Lvl 190
Sakai Mine Key Sakai Mine Key Key Lvl 190
Maho Snowfoux Leather Maho Snowfoux Leather Leather Lvl 190
Frozen Fabric Frozen Fabric Fabric Lvl 190
Temporal Shard Temporal Shard Precious stone Lvl 190
Nightcrawling Brockhard Fabric Nightcrawling Brockhard Fabric Fabric Lvl 190
Icy Brockhard Molar Icy Brockhard Molar Bone Lvl 190