1858 items matched your criteria
Name Type Level
Glass Bowl Glass Bowl Alchemy equipment Lvl 1
Slender Tube Slender Tube Alchemy equipment Lvl 1
Flask of Nelween Smoke Flask of Nelween Smoke Alchemy equipment Lvl 70
Big Phial Big Phial Alchemy equipment Lvl 1
Element Flask Element Flask Alchemy equipment Lvl 1
Ebonite Ebonite Alloy Lvl 20
Kouartz Kouartz Alloy Lvl 60
Pyrute Pyrute Alloy Lvl 100
Magnesite Magnesite Alloy Lvl 30
Bakelelite Bakelelite Alloy Lvl 40
Tunder Alloy Tunder Alloy Alloy Lvl 150
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot Alloy Lvl 10
Aluminite Aluminite Alloy Lvl 10
Brassic Brassic Alloy Lvl 100
Steel Plate Steel Plate Alloy Lvl 100
Ardonite Ardonite Alloy Lvl 100
Kobalite Kobalite Alloy Lvl 100
Kriptonite Kriptonite Alloy Lvl 80
Tynril Bark Tynril Bark Bark Lvl 140
Mushnid Bark Mushnid Bark Bark Lvl 171
Floramor Bark Floramor Bark Bark Lvl 126
Treecherous Bark Treecherous Bark Bark Lvl 174
Crab Pincer Crab Pincer Bone Lvl 42
Bony Montana Bony Montana Bone Lvl 1