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32 items matched your criteria
Name Type Level
Icefish Icefish Fish Lvl 100
Frozen Icefish Frozen Icefish Fish Lvl 100
Sickle-Hammerhead Shark Sickle-Hammerhead Shark Fish Lvl 80
Open-Market Shark Open-Market Shark Fish Lvl 80
Perch Perch Fish Lvl 70
Kittenperch Kittenperch Fish Lvl 70
Siktrin Bass Siktrin Bass Fish Lvl 70
Blue Skate Blue Skate Fish Lvl 50
Farle's Ray Farle's Ray Fish Lvl 50
Small Sandy Carp Small Sandy Carp Fish Lvl 40
Lard Bass Lard Bass Fish Lvl 40
Ediem Carp Ediem Carp Fish Lvl 40
Kralove Kralove Fish Lvl 20
Shiny Sardine Shiny Sardine Fish Lvl 20
Dark Sardine Dark Sardine Fish Lvl 20
Unique Kralove Unique Kralove Fish Lvl 20
Tupe-Halett Pike Tupe-Halett Pike Fish Lvl 10
Pike Pike Fish Lvl 10
Igloo Fish Igloo Fish Fish Lvl 1
Tiger Fish Tiger Fish Fish Lvl 1
Trout Trout Fish Lvl 1
Contest Snapper Contest Snapper Fish Lvl 1
Gudgeon Gudgeon Fish Lvl 1
Horror Grawn Horror Grawn Fish Lvl 1