Type: Dagger
Level: 35
The legends tell of a famous Iop who left his island home and travelled across the sea to find work as an interpreter for the Kings of Amakna. He took to the job full of hope, enthusiasm and diligence, dazzling Ecaflips and Fecas alike with his vibrant wordplay and passion for good grammar. Unfortunately, on his way to the castle, he stumbled over a rock that turned out to be a Mega Crackler, and this broken sword was the only trace they found of him, or his equipment.
12 to 26 (Neutral damage)
16 to 20 Strength
-20 Agility
21 to 30 Vitality
151 to 200 Initiative
AP: 4 (1 use per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1% (+15)