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Type: Bow
Level: 184
The creator of this bow was well-known, having dedicated his life to creating weapons of excellent quality, although very basic. Reaching the end of his years, and regretting never having created anything out-of-the-ordinary, he carved this bow, his one and only flight of fancy. It may be strange, but you will inevitably find it very useful.
28 to 44 (Neutral damage)
51 to 100 (HP restored)
201 to 250 Vitality
31 to 50 Strength
31 to 50 Intelligence
31 to 40 Wisdom
7 to 10 Heals
1 Range
11 to 15 Prospecting
7 to 10 Neutral Damage
7 to 10 Air Resistance
7 to 10% Earth Resistance
4 to 5 MP Reduction
4 to 5 Dodge
AP: 5 (1 use per turn)
Range: 4 to 7
CH: 1/10 (+10)
Strength > 90
Bow Carver Level 184