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Type: Shovel
Level: 197
Stilted Shovels are known for their unusual tendency to refuse to dig. As this is a particularly inconvenient quality for a shovel, the Enutrofs of the Asse Sea strap them vertically to their legs instead. This allows the stumpy treasure hunters to walk freely across the rolling sand dunes, and also makes them appear much taller than they really are.
16 to 23 (Neutral damage)
4 to 6 (Neutral steal)
16 to 23 (Earth damage)
251 to 300 Vitality
51 to 75 Strength
31 to 40 Wisdom
-6 to 8 Critical Hits
301 to 400 Initiative
16 to 20 Prospecting
7 to 10 Neutral Damage
7 to 10 Earth Damage
7 to 10% Earth Resistance
7 to 10% Air Resistance
4 to 5 MP Reduction
7 to 10 Critical Damage
AP: 5 (1 use per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1/40 (+4)
Strength > 450
Shovel Smith Level 197