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Type: Shovel
Level: 199
Are you lonesome tonight, down by the riverside? Has a hard headed woman got you crying for the green, green grass of home? Well, a little less conversation, a little more equipping this shovel! Pull on your sequinned jumpsuit, comb some Trool fat through your hair and get that pelvis jerking uncontrollably - you'll be shake, rattle and rolling in no time! Oh, come on, I'm doing the best I can...
22 to 28 (Neutral damage)
23 to 34 (Fire damage)
7 to 10 (Water steal)
251 to 300 Vitality
51 to 75 Intelligence
31 to 50 Chance
16 to 25 Wisdom
-4 to 5 Critical Hits
7 to 10 Heals
201 to 300 Initiative
16 to 25 Prospecting
11 to 15 Fire Damage
16 to 20 Water Damage
11 to 15 Air Resistance
7 to 10 AP Reduction
AP: 6 (1 use per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1/45 (+5)
Intelligence > 350 and
Chance > 250
Shovel Smith Level 199