Type: Staff
Level: 76
This marvellous staff is fitted with lovely tines on one tip, making it an excellent fork. Farle used it to create massive haystacks taller than the largest elms that once grew in Eltneg Wood. It is said that Brouce Boulgoure himself felled the tree for this staff, in return for an outrageous daily supply of oat flakes offered by Shika Ingalsse. He used to gulp down fistfuls before spending days on felling entire forests.
61 to 80 Strength
51 to 70 Vitality
2 to 3 Critical Hits
2 to 3 Damage
11 to 15% Power
151 to 200 Initiative
15 to 26 (Neutral damage)
2 to 3 (Neutral steal)
AP: 5 (1 use per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1/30 (+6)
Strength > 90 and
Vitality > 90
Staff Carver Level 76
Farle's Staff is part of the Farle Ingalsse Set Lvl 80