Type: Dagger
Level: 113
These daggers belonged to a Sadida whose dazzling ascent will be remembered forever in Amaknian history. From a young age, this Sadida dedicated his humble life to Gobbly hunting... the villagers found it hilarious... word spread and soon folk came from all around to watch him hunt those ridiculous balls of wool. His revenge was terrible and long-lived. When the price of Gobbly skins skyrocketed, he became so rich that he paid to have every last villager who mocked him hunted down and murdered. He's storing their skins too, but the stock market isn't going his way.
12 to 15 (Neutral damage)
3 to 4 (Neutral steal)
31 to 50 Agility
71 to 100 Vitality
26 to 40 Wisdom
2 to 3 Critical Hits
6 to 10 Prospecting
AP: 3 (2 uses per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1/20 (+3)
Strength > 300 and
Agility > 100
Dagger Smith Level 113