Type: Sword
Level: 20
The Ice Knight was famous for being one of the greatest sword smiths in all of Amakna. Only Liche the unmerciful refused to recognise his talent. Offended by this creature's ignorance, the Ice Knight stopped working, refusing to forge so much as a teaspoon until she agreed to publicly recognize his talent. The Ice Knight worked the bars around Amakna for a couple of hundred years, but the local economy never crumbled as he had expected, nor did Amakna's military influence waver... as he had also expected. When he finally took up his rusty hammer once more, he found he'd completely forgotten his former skill. This ridiculous sword was his last usable creation.
11 to 15 (HP restored)
16 to 20 Vitality
11 to 15 Intelligence
2 Lock
3 to 5 Heals
AP: 2 (2 uses per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 1/5 (+5)