Type: Dagger
Level: 100
When a precocious Sramette princess couldn't find a single dagger that suited her, she offered a challenge to the dagger smiths of Amakna: the one who forged her a set capable of killing a Tofu in one blow would spend three nights in her bed. Unfortunately, not a single smith took up her challenge. By the time she found a willing craftsman, a retiree of the trade who never should have started in the first place, she'd been advertising her offer among other things on the streets of Madrestam for 17 years. Let's just say that time hadn't been kind to the proud Sramette.
15 to 20 (Neutral damage)
4 to 5% Critical Hits
1 MP
41 to 60 Agility
61 to 80 Vitality
151 to 200 Initiative
4 to 5 Air Damage
4 to 5 Neutral Damage
AP: 3 (2 uses per turn)
Range: 1
CH: 25% (+10)
Strength > 140 and
Agility > 140
Dagger Smith Level 100