726 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Haruka the Dormant Bow Haruka the Dormant Bow Legendary Weapon Lvl 200
Miyaji the Dormant Hammer Miyaji the Dormant Hammer Legendary Weapon Lvl 200
Blord Warrior's Cursed Scythe Blord Warrior's Cursed Scythe Scythe Lvl 200
Blord Warrior's Cursed Sword Blord Warrior's Cursed Sword Sword Lvl 200
Bubotron Sword Bubotron Sword Sword Lvl 200
Corrupted Bow Corrupted Bow Bow Lvl 200
Ghoul Splitter Ghoul Splitter Sword Lvl 200
Croknives Croknives Axe Lvl 200
King Allister's Sceptre King Allister's Sceptre Staff Lvl 200
Strange Wand Strange Wand Wand Lvl 200
Heiji the Dormant Axe Heiji the Dormant Axe Legendary Weapon Lvl 200
Bearbaric Sword Bearbaric Sword Sword Lvl 199
Sanockout Stick Sanockout Stick Hammer Lvl 199
Ground Dog Ground Dog Shovel Lvl 199
Joyous Seizers Joyous Seizers Dagger Lvl 198
Nerotic Wand Nerotic Wand Wand Lvl 198
Godswrath Daggers Godswrath Daggers Dagger Lvl 197
Mallard's Mallet Mallard's Mallet Staff Lvl 197
Berylbell's Hammer Berylbell's Hammer Hammer Lvl 197
Gilbert G. Rapier Gilbert G. Rapier Sword Lvl 197
Stilted Shovel Stilted Shovel Shovel Lvl 197
Daguanos Daguanos Dagger Lvl 196
Giger's Nightmare Blade Giger's Nightmare Blade Sword Lvl 196
Otomai's Sword Otomai's Sword Sword Lvl 196