724 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Gaga Daggers Gaga Daggers Dagger Lvl 171
Ensorcel Lance Ensorcel Lance Staff Lvl 170
Assinscrede Axe Assinscrede Axe Axe Lvl 170
Killarity Sword Killarity Sword Sword Lvl 169
Staff of the Prophets Staff of the Prophets Staff Lvl 169
Mishmash Wand Mishmash Wand Wand Lvl 168
Arctangent Bow Arctangent Bow Bow Lvl 167
Walloping Hammer Walloping Hammer Hammer Lvl 166
Splinter Sprinter Splinter Sprinter Staff Lvl 165
Vampire Bloodlord Sword Vampire Bloodlord Sword Sword Lvl 165
Split Splinter Sprinter Split Splinter Sprinter Staff Lvl 165
Youyettes Youyettes Dagger Lvl 164
Fuchsia Fuchsia Sword Lvl 163
Sternutatory Wand Sternutatory Wand Wand Lvl 163
Sick Axe Sick Axe Axe Lvl 162
Unchewa Staff Unchewa Staff Staff Lvl 161
Zoth Master Staff Zoth Master Staff Staff Lvl 158
Porkeez Daggers Porkeez Daggers Dagger Lvl 158
Furritung Furritung Sword Lvl 158
Michael Dougle Axe Michael Dougle Axe Axe Lvl 158
Shovel Egant Shovel Egant Shovel Lvl 156
Vigi Pirate Hammer Vigi Pirate Hammer Hammer Lvl 156
Axe Cidental Axe Cidental Axe Lvl 154
Harpy Pirate Lance Harpy Pirate Lance Staff Lvl 154