729 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Thanos's Staff Thanos's Staff Staff Lvl 172
The Arc de Triomphe The Arc de Triomphe Bow Lvl 27
The Bidjiz The Bidjiz Wand Lvl 74
The Big Pole The Big Pole Tool Lvl 1
The Cardboard Twot The Cardboard Twot Hammer Lvl 46
The Chafer Hammer The Chafer Hammer Hammer Lvl 25
The Claw The Claw Sword Lvl 35
The Fat Shovel The Fat Shovel Shovel Lvl 80
The Hagogue Root The Hagogue Root Staff Lvl 120
The Hyldegarde The Hyldegarde Wand Lvl 48
The Infernal Razor The Infernal Razor Dagger Lvl 29
The Infernal Tail The Infernal Tail Sword Lvl 21
The Klebik The Klebik Sword Lvl 25
The Kneader The Kneader Tool Lvl 1
The Metronome The Metronome Hammer Lvl 54
The Migraine The Migraine Wand Lvl 85
The Sad Blade The Sad Blade Sword Lvl 23
The Sharp Claw The Sharp Claw Sword Lvl 68
The Tail The Tail Sword Lvl 2
The Warf Axe The Warf Axe Axe Lvl 112
The Xyothine The Xyothine Wand Lvl 145
Thrusty Staff Thrusty Staff Staff Lvl 176
Thunderbuff Hammer Thunderbuff Hammer Hammer Lvl 187
Tofu Master Staff Tofu Master Staff Staff Lvl 56