283 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Pym's Blade Pym's Blade Sword Lvl 35
Karne Rider Blade Karne Rider Blade Sword Lvl 34
Ancestral Daggers Ancestral Daggers Dagger Lvl 34
Treechnidis Vivitus Treechnidis Vivitus Staff Lvl 34
Oak Killer Oak Killer Axe Lvl 33
Treechnid Root Wand Treechnid Root Wand Wand Lvl 33
Yamato String Yamato String Bow Lvl 33
Dagguise Dagguise Dagger Lvl 33
The Infernal Razor The Infernal Razor Dagger Lvl 29
Koutoulou's Shovel Koutoulou's Shovel Shovel Lvl 29
R'Unique Hammer R'Unique Hammer Hammer Lvl 28
Treechnid Root Bow Treechnid Root Bow Bow Lvl 28
Penn Knives Penn Knives Dagger Lvl 28
Strangly Wand Strangly Wand Wand Lvl 27
Pushn Shovel Pushn Shovel Shovel Lvl 27
Sylvan Daggers Sylvan Daggers Dagger Lvl 27
Agride Agride Axe Lvl 27
Intelligence Wand Intelligence Wand Wand Lvl 27
Fake Magic Staff Fake Magic Staff Staff Lvl 27
Fwell Sword Fwell Sword Sword Lvl 26
Deflower Staff Deflower Staff Staff Lvl 26
Hammer of Dawn Hammer of Dawn Hammer Lvl 26
The Chafer Hammer The Chafer Hammer Hammer Lvl 25
The Klebik The Klebik Sword Lvl 25