283 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Tortoi Hammer Tortoi Hammer Hammer Lvl 55
Crack Axe Crack Axe Axe Lvl 54
The Metronome The Metronome Hammer Lvl 54
Horrib Staff Horrib Staff Staff Lvl 54
Kaniger Staff Kaniger Staff Staff Lvl 53
Raziel Raziel Sword Lvl 52
Clergy Wand Clergy Wand Wand Lvl 52
Uftoon Shovel Uftoon Shovel Shovel Lvl 52
Aj Taye Mace Aj Taye Mace Hammer Lvl 51
Stone Axe Stone Axe Axe Lvl 51
Powerful Aj Taye Mace Powerful Aj Taye Mace Hammer Lvl 51
Mishmashovel Mishmashovel Shovel Lvl 50
Stroud's Blunt Shovel Stroud's Blunt Shovel Shovel Lvl 50
Ni'Ninnin Wand Ni'Ninnin Wand Wand Lvl 50
Efferves Sword Efferves Sword Sword Lvl 49
Knuckle Rapping Hammer Knuckle Rapping Hammer Hammer Lvl 49
Imposing Outar Hammer Imposing Outar Hammer Hammer Lvl 48
Outar Hammer Outar Hammer Hammer Lvl 48
The Hyldegarde The Hyldegarde Wand Lvl 48
I Kea Bow, New Model I Kea Bow, New Model Bow Lvl 47
Charm Pruner Charm Pruner Axe Lvl 47
O'Basan Spade O'Basan Spade Shovel Lvl 46
The Cardboard Twot The Cardboard Twot Hammer Lvl 46
Inacleft Stick Inacleft Stick Wand Lvl 45