283 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
I Kea Bow, New Model I Kea Bow, New Model Bow Lvl 47
Sawn-Off Pulley Bow Sawn-Off Pulley Bow Bow Lvl 41
Fishing Bow Fishing Bow Bow Lvl 70
Sram Archer Bow Sram Archer Bow Bow Lvl 89
Arkanum Bow Arkanum Bow Bow Lvl 96
Yamato String Yamato String Bow Lvl 33
Ivan Nowe String Ivan Nowe String Bow Lvl 36
Gobball Horn Bow Gobball Horn Bow Bow Lvl 42
Eco Bow Eco Bow Bow Lvl 23
Doozi Bow Doozi Bow Bow Lvl 120
Young Wild Bow Young Wild Bow Bow Lvl 107
Web Bow Web Bow Bow Lvl 121
Bwork Archer Bow Bwork Archer Bow Bow Lvl 22
Crystal Bow Crystal Bow Bow Lvl 56
King of Borins Bow King of Borins Bow Bow Lvl 72
Bow Liwood Bow Liwood Bow Lvl 79
Smithy Daggers Smithy Daggers Dagger Lvl 2
Chakra Style Chakra Style Dagger Lvl 73
Initiate's Daggers Initiate's Daggers Dagger Lvl 18
Leurnettes Leurnettes Dagger Lvl 12
Unlucky Knight's Broken Sword Unlucky Knight's Broken Sword Dagger Lvl 35
Ice Daggers Ice Daggers Dagger Lvl 150
Sylvan Daggers Sylvan Daggers Dagger Lvl 27
Eulasse Daggers Eulasse Daggers Dagger Lvl 40