283 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
The Infernal Razor The Infernal Razor Dagger Lvl 29
Penn Knives Penn Knives Dagger Lvl 28
Dagger O'Hair Dagger O'Hair Dagger Lvl 83
Regah Daggers Regah Daggers Dagger Lvl 120
Kriss Tobal Kriss Tobal Dagger Lvl 149
Ancestral Daggers Ancestral Daggers Dagger Lvl 34
Hischantes Daggers Hischantes Daggers Dagger Lvl 80
Citrus Daggers Citrus Daggers Dagger Lvl 113
Ramougre's Setter Ramougre's Setter Dagger Lvl 127
Ostwogoth Daggers Ostwogoth Daggers Dagger Lvl 135
Dreggon Daggers Dreggon Daggers Dagger Lvl 128
Clawettes Clawettes Dagger Lvl 69
Dagguise Dagguise Dagger Lvl 33
Daguiero's Daggers Daguiero's Daggers Dagger Lvl 91
Kaiser Kaiser Hammer Lvl 82
Ragnarok Ragnarok Hammer Lvl 66
R'Unique Hammer R'Unique Hammer Hammer Lvl 28
Imposing Outar Hammer Imposing Outar Hammer Hammer Lvl 48
Pospodrol Hammer Pospodrol Hammer Hammer Lvl 70
Toy Hammer Toy Hammer Hammer Lvl 107
Hurrian Hammer Hurrian Hammer Hammer Lvl 2
Scraping Hammer Scraping Hammer Hammer Lvl 15
The Chafer Hammer The Chafer Hammer Hammer Lvl 25
Birming Hammer Birming Hammer Hammer Lvl 18