284 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Larval Wand Larval Wand Wand Lvl 60
Kilih Wand Jaro Kilih Wand Jaro Wand Lvl 105
Boogey Wand Boogey Wand Wand Lvl 105
Intelligence Wand Intelligence Wand Wand Lvl 27
The Hyldegarde The Hyldegarde Wand Lvl 48
Will-o'-the-Wisp's Wand Will-o'-the-Wisp's Wand Wand Lvl 20
Elya Wood's Wand Elya Wood's Wand Wand Lvl 120
Pinted Wand Pinted Wand Wand Lvl 63
Wand Heroff Wand Heroff Wand Lvl 127
Star Wand Star Wand Wand Lvl 126
Dreggon Wand Dreggon Wand Wand Lvl 124
Light Treeckler Branch Light Treeckler Branch Wand Lvl 132
Hour Wand Hour Wand Wand Lvl 18
Ni'Ninnin Wand Ni'Ninnin Wand Wand Lvl 50
Vampiric Stake Vampiric Stake Wand Lvl 65
Creizy-Stufh Wand Creizy-Stufh Wand Wand Lvl 112
Gyver Wand Gyver Wand Wand Lvl 128
Twiggy Sword Twiggy Sword Sword Lvl 3
Fwell Sword Fwell Sword Sword Lvl 26
Raziel Raziel Sword Lvl 52
Bloody Craft Knife Bloody Craft Knife Sword Lvl 64
Slicing Fan Slicing Fan Sword Lvl 75
Dark Vlad Sword Dark Vlad Sword Sword Lvl 126
Abatz Sword Abatz Sword Sword Lvl 135