284 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
The Claw The Claw Sword Lvl 35
The Sharp Claw The Sharp Claw Sword Lvl 68
Fake Claw of Ceangal Fake Claw of Ceangal Sword Lvl 95
Pink Claw Pink Claw Sword Lvl 100
Initiate's Sword Initiate's Sword Sword Lvl 18
Crackler Blade Crackler Blade Sword Lvl 37
Ice Knight Sword Ice Knight Sword Sword Lvl 20
Grizmine Claw Grizmine Claw Sword Lvl 111
Rubber Sword Rubber Sword Sword Lvl 73
Pym's Blade Pym's Blade Sword Lvl 35
Flatu Lance Flatu Lance Staff Lvl 20
Gobbherd Staff Gobbherd Staff Staff Lvl 15
Staff of Dina Mite Staff of Dina Mite Staff Lvl 40
Earlik Branch Earlik Branch Staff Lvl 129
Sandanwa Staff Sandanwa Staff Staff Lvl 77
Rotaflor Stem Rotaflor Stem Staff Lvl 111
Zoth Master Staff Zoth Master Staff Staff Lvl 158
Sacred Staff Sacred Staff Staff Lvl 16
Dakn Staff Dakn Staff Staff Lvl 36
Farle's Staff Farle's Staff Staff Lvl 76
Deflower Staff Deflower Staff Staff Lvl 26
Root Well Root Well Staff Lvl 143
Red Root Chileepaperz Red Root Chileepaperz Staff Lvl 106
Lady Root Lady Root Staff Lvl 88