283 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Soft Oak Staff Soft Oak Staff Staff Lvl 140
Dunb Hammer Dunb Hammer Hammer Lvl 140
Andy War Sword Andy War Sword Sword Lvl 143
Marilyn Mun Bow Marilyn Mun Bow Bow Lvl 143
Root Well Root Well Staff Lvl 143
Sabre Aces Sabre Aces Sword Lvl 145
The Xyothine The Xyothine Wand Lvl 145
Shovel Tonjon Shovel Tonjon Shovel Lvl 147
Kriss Tobal Kriss Tobal Dagger Lvl 149
Ice Daggers Ice Daggers Dagger Lvl 150
Hammer Sheys Hammer Sheys Hammer Lvl 150
Minotot Sceptre Minotot Sceptre Staff Lvl 151
Buck Anear's Sabre Buck Anear's Sabre Sword Lvl 152
Axe Cidental Axe Cidental Axe Lvl 154
Harpy Pirate Lance Harpy Pirate Lance Staff Lvl 154
Shovel Egant Shovel Egant Shovel Lvl 156
Vigi Pirate Hammer Vigi Pirate Hammer Hammer Lvl 156
Zoth Master Staff Zoth Master Staff Staff Lvl 158
Michael Dougle Axe Michael Dougle Axe Axe Lvl 158