54 items matched your criteria
Name Primary bonus Type Level
Chafer Archer Bow Chafer Archer Bow Bow Lvl 120
Doozi Bow Doozi Bow Bow Lvl 120
Draught Bow Draught Bow Bow Lvl 113
Young Wild Bow Young Wild Bow Bow Lvl 107
Arkanum Bow Arkanum Bow Bow Lvl 96
Sram Archer Bow Sram Archer Bow Bow Lvl 89
Chiduc's Arc Chiduc's Arc Bow Lvl 87
Angel Bow Angel Bow Bow Lvl 82
Bushi'Bow Bushi'Bow Bow Lvl 81
Arch Bow Arch Bow Bow Lvl 80
Bow Liwood Bow Liwood Bow Lvl 79
King of Borins Bow King of Borins Bow Bow Lvl 72
Bow Gotta Bow Gotta Bow Lvl 70
Fishing Bow Fishing Bow Bow Lvl 70
Koalak Bow Koalak Bow Bow Lvl 61
Bow Nuss Bow Nuss Bow Lvl 60
Xaver Xaver Bow Lvl 58
Trunknydum Trunknydum Bow Lvl 57
Crystal Bow Crystal Bow Bow Lvl 56
Kuri's Bow Kuri's Bow Bow Lvl 55
Bow Ndjoor Bow Ndjoor Bow Lvl 50
Mushd Bow Mushd Bow Bow Lvl 50
Hickory Tree Hickory Tree Bow Lvl 49
I Kea Bow, New Model I Kea Bow, New Model Bow Lvl 47