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You really wanted this Armoured Dragoturkey. It was right there, sudden tragedy strikes: the Dragoturkey is no longer available in the Shop. In order to avoid such situations in the future, we'll detail the current offers for you each week!

In times like these, you'd best cover up before going outside! Ankama is thinking of you, your health, and your style too, so we're bringing out three packs of two masks* (Category 1) each, all in the colors of the World of Twelve! So…? Team Pets? Team Bonta vs. Brakmar? Or team Elegance? Now you just have to choose (to get them all)!

Dofus Touch Ascension Island is Back! Info - February 22, 2021

The thirteenth rotation of Ascension Island starts tomorrow! Fight your way to the top of the rankings to unlock maximum rewards... and maximum glory!

Dofus Touch Event: A Lovestruck Gobball Event - February 12, 2021

From February 12 to February 19 at 12:00 PM (Paris time), we invite you to participate in a new community event for Saint Ballotwine. Get out your finest paints, watercolors, colored pencils, or even your drawing tablet, and help our beloved Gobball to prepare for a romantic rendezvous!

The winter sales are on their last lap!* Zooming down the black-diamond slopes, they won't let any prices get in their way… Hurry up and take advantage before they cross the finish line!

They started off slow, but now they're keen to take on the more advanced slope! The winter sales in the Ankama* Shop have reached their second mark-down!  

Dofus Touch Dungeon Rusher MAXXX! Event - February 01, 2021

Starting Wednesday, 6 – yes, 6!!! – Dungeon Rushers will be waiting for you in DOFUS Touch! Read all about it.

Three Prestige Packs will be back in the shop this weekend at 30% off!

Hold on tight, because an avalanche of good deals is falling right on top of you! It's winter sale** season in the Ankama Shop, and you're bound to find something cool!

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive #14 Info - January 14, 2021

The traditional start-of-year Missive is back! In it, we tell you more about what's coming to DOFUS Touch in 2021.

A page is turning, and a new chapter is about to be written… But before diving head-first into 2021, we invite you to take a quick look in the rear-view mirror! Let's take some time (the length of a video) to remember, together, the things that most strongly marked the year 2020.

The countdown has begun: Xelor is all wound up! While the god of time is making the final preparations for the big night of the Clockwork Ball, things are also getting festive in DOFUS Touch! How would you like to start the year with some bonus XP?

All backers for the Wakfu Season 4 Kickstarter campaign can now use the code that was emailed to them!

Dofus Touch Ascension Island is Back! Info - December 22, 2020

The twelvth rotation of Ascension Island starts tomorrow! Fight your way to the top of the rankings to unlock maximum rewards... and maximum glory!

Dofus Touch It's a Sound(track) Offer! Info - December 18, 2020

It's not really Kwismastime without Kwismas music! 

From today until December 28, put how you feel about the goddess Pandawa into poetry to try to win some great prizes!

Dofus Touch The Magic of Kwismas! Event - December 16, 2020

There's no downtime in DOFUS Touch! Last week saw the Pandala update, and tomorrow Kwismas Island returns.

The major year-end update is now available! Discover the revamped Pandala Island, as well as new features and improvements!

Dofus Touch Enjoy Black Friday! Shop - December 04, 2020

Take advantage of incredible discounts at the in-game store – Black Friday has crossed the pond and landed with a splash in DOFUS Touch!

Just as mercilessly as in previous years, it's getting ready to slash the price of the first stuffed toy or DVD it happens to see. That's right, Black Friday is back from December 3 through 7!

Dofus Touch December Gifts! Event - December 02, 2020

The last month of the year is always the most generous. Not only will you experience the most important update of 2020, but you will also be showered with gifts! 

Ankama would like to invite you to the second edition of its exceptional conference: KrosmoNote! Join us on our Twitch channel on December 3. Looks like Christmas is coming early, you lucky devils…

Dofus Touch Pandala Transformed - Part 2 Info - November 25, 2020

Hidden away in the heights of Aerdala, the Kozaru are children of the wind. Living reclusively among the crags and peaks of the region, these little-known people keep to themselves, and only rarely reveal themselves to the island's other inhabitants. But Pandala's transformation has reawakened old conflicts, and the Kozaru are no longer protected by the shadows of their mountains.

The beta version of the end-of-year update is available! See what's new in this changelog!