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The registration for the Abyss Joust Tournament has ended last Tuesday! This is the time to find out the list of valid teams participating and details regarding the tournament server.

Dofus Touch What's new in the Shop? Shop - April 17, 2018

You really wanted this Armoured Dragoturkey. It was right there, suddenly tragedy strikes: the Dragoturkey is no longer available in the Shop. In order to avoid such sad situations in the future, we'll detail the current offers for you each week!

Tomorrow is International Bat Appreciation Day! The World of Twelve is celebrating it too, being full of the little creatures. Ready to show the rest of the world how much the residents love them… by beating them up?!

Warriors of Amakna, it's almost time for you to enter the arenas of the Abyss Joust! Registration is open until Tuesday, April 17 12:00 PM CEST. Please note that only the first 500 teams to register will participate in the competition, so sign up before it's too late.

Finishing off your opponents is good. Doing it with the style of Carla Garfield? That's even better! Participate in the skin contest organized by our partner JeuxOnLine for a chance to score awesome prizes.

Dofus Touch A Call to the Summit Info - April 03, 2018

On this fine Martalo morning, the adventurers of the World of Twelve found a big surprise in their mailboxes. In among the payment reminders from their Enutrof banker and brochures singing the praises of the latest equipment sets, they discovered an unusual envelope with gilded edges and an unmistakable wax seal. Return address: Ingloriom…

Following our adaptation of DOFUS the MMORPG for tablets and smartphones, our team has taken up a new challenge. Get ready for DOFUS Touch on smartwatches!

Dofus Touch Event: Poetry Day Event - March 21, 2018

Today we're inviting you to do some writing! Grab you best quill pen, your ink pot and plunge into the deep end. Or rather, into the manuscript!

It's that time of year again, and no Twelvian can escape it… They'll wake up upside-down, in a world dipped in green!  That's right: Saint Potrick is back! Log in to the game on March 16 to honor the Pandawa goddess. You're sure to come away from this event with lots of goodies!

DOFUS Touch is taking PvP battles to the next level and offering you a major new challenge. Answer the God Iop's call and face off against the best warriors in the World of Twelve during the Abyss Joust, starting in April!

The first major update for 2018 is online! Discover new content, improvements and various fixed!

Produced by players and for players, this guide is designed to help those who've chosen the Rogue path to maximize their class and regather all the Dofus. Before you start reading, be sure to visit the official page on Rogues, which contains any additional information you might need.

Want to liven up your server and put on a well-organized community PvP tournament with Ankama's support? You've come to the right place!

Today we pray to Davkaz, the Meridia of Wabbits. He gives his heart and soul to protect those long-toothed little creatures. And their teeth are as sharp as they are long! How about taking a brief tour of the Cawwot-shaped island?

Whether it’s a hammer, a cleaver, or gloves, we should all give thanks to the tools that make our lives easier (and make us richer). Spend some time with your tools on March 11 as we’re having a professions xp bonus

It's been… one year, my friends! And here's issue No. 6 (8 in all, with issue No. 0 and the special issue). As we move forward, we promise to provide even more spoilers, discussions with our readers, background, and exciting news. In DOFUS Touch news: lore, a community YouTuber, and Kokillette's logbook.

Oh, yes, Saint Ballotwine's Day is here again… and with it, love is infectious! The Gobballs are delightfully pink again, looking as delicious as a Passion Shigekax. And passion will, rightly, be the guiding word from February 13 to 20! Hurry and discover what the Meridia of Luv has in store for you…

Decidedly, Lord Crow has been on everyone's lips lately. After his actions with King Allister during the Bwork Invasion, he thought it best to take you for cretins. For lack of a good thwack, it isn't looking good for him…

Dofus Touch Event: Hedgehog Day Info - February 02, 2018

Today, it's Hedgehog Day! In celebration of this and to honor these small and adorably spiky creatures, let's take a peek at what's happening with the World of Twelve's favorite family of prickly monsters.

Dofus Touch The Backstory of DOFUS Touch Info - February 01, 2018

In the beginning, there was nothing, a void… How about learning a bit more about the backstory, that element that lets us all soak up the game universe and become part of it? Let's go, follow the guide!

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive #10 Info - January 31, 2018

It's a new year and a tenth missive, as luck would have it! We're going to rise to the occasion by unveiling a little more about our plans for 2018. Happy reading!

Below, you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions about everything DOFUS Touch. This list will be kept up to date regularly!

Dofus Touch Event: Troolateral Damage Event - January 16, 2018

Bworkoward, the new chief of the Bworks, is wreaking havoc to the north of Cania in order to earn his tribe's respect. But King Allister doesn't see it that way and wants you to help calm things down. And there's a nice reward in it for you!

Feelings of anxiousness and sadness will be multiplied this January 15 with the occasion of Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year! Let's put a smile on your face and brighten your day with a bonus XP!