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In an ocean of carefully selected items, the Amphitrident Pack is slowly drifting your way. The set it contains will bring you a tidal wave of compliments, and the pet in this pack will help you to liquidate even the toughest of enemies!

A new PvP tournament is coming to the Grandapan server!

Finally! The most eagerly awaited time of year (along with Nowel) is finally here – the terrific Vulkania adventure is now accessible! Do you think you know everything there is to know about this horribly idyllic place? And what if you were wrong?…

In tough situations when everything is on the line, some adventurers are overcome with nervous tics, while others go on the attack. Whichever group you belong to, the Cog Pack has everything you need to gear up for success! Check it out at the same time you take your usual look at our selection of items!

The nineteenth rotation of Ascension Island will start tomorrow, right after the weekly  maintenance! Unlock as many rewards as you can in your rise to glory!

As you know, the upcoming DOFUS Touch update has placed artifacts almost as precious as the Dofus themselves all over the World of Twelve. These items are the heritage of noble and courageous warriors. But before getting familiar with them in-game… what do you say we have a little fun?

The new update, At the Heart of the Legend, is available! Are you ready to put your name down in gold letters in the history of the Krosmoz? Log in to the game now and try to get your hands on the incredible Legendary Weapons! Don't hesitate to take a look at the update's devblog so you'll be perfectly prepared for what's to come…

You have to get ready when you're going to check out an update. This is even more true with the upcoming DOFUS Touch update, which will give you a chance to become a legend – no more, no less. Needless to say, you'll need more than a good night's sleep and freshly squeezed orange juice to get there. Don't panic: We've got it all covered…

The beta for the At the Heart of the Legend update closed yesterday. We've got a little surprise in store for you, with this new adventure to be officially released on June 21st. Are you ready to win gifts? Are you ready to Twitch Drop?

For this year's Gobbstock Festival, forget the drum solos and violin sonatas: you'll be setting the tone with your guild! Take part in the guild concerto contest to try and win an elegant Rocksteady Shield!

Is it like you to show off and hold out the thing you're proudest of for all to see? Perfect! This should interest you. Take part in the beta for the Legendary Weapons update to win an exclusive title (and show off, of course).

The At the Heart of the Legend beta is now available in-game! After an impressive blast of spoilers and, more recently, a livestream dedicated entirely to this new update, it's time to experience it for yourself. See you soon in the game!

For this latest Dungeon Rusher, we're letting you get some fresh air in the Pandalan heights. You'll take on two Kozaru there and will be able to grasp the subtlety of the phrase "bound by blood ties"…

Mark your calendars and your mind for Wednesday, June 1. It may just be the date you become a legend. Well… Let's not put the mount skin before the petsmount – first it will be the date of the beta for the upcoming update. You know… The one that will make you a legend. (Argh! We just can't help it!)

Mother's Day is rapidly approaching, and you're still trying to decide whether to use rigatoni or macaroni in your noodle-necklace gift. If you were a little bwork, you wouldn't have to deal with all that indecision. You'd simply let your unconditional love for Mama Bworkette do the talking. Try it and see!

It's finally here. Well, almost! The beta for the At the Heart of the Legend update is about to open its doors. Before giving yourself over to the quest for legendary weapons, we invite you to view a livestream* that will build a little more suspense by unveiling more content!

Let's be perfectly clear – you'll find it much harder to become a legend with even the best chiseled bit of wood in the World of Twelve than with even the least legendary of all the legendary weapons. So, if you're main goal is to leave an indelible mark in everyone's memory, start by importing your character into the beta server for the next update!

The At the Heart of the Legend beta is now available in-game! After an impressive blast of spoilers and, more recently, a livestream dedicated entirely to this new update, it's time to experience it for yourself. See you soon in the game!

Some of your comments in the forums and on Discord made us want to answer in more detail than usual. Therefore, our community managers have banded together, especially as the update nears, to bring you regular recaps of the audio program that responds to your most eloquent contributions!

Charisma is like a tub of mushden ice cream: it's only when you reach the bottom that you realize you should've savored it more. Be a prudent Twelvian and anticipate a potential slowdown – pick up the Saiya Pack. No matter how popular you are, it'll help you keep up appearances by making you shine brighter than Enutrof's treasure! (Re)discover it when you check out the items of the week.

The Maysial Munch holiday is a great day for stuffing your face until you can barely stand, sure… but that's not all! It's also a time to show your opponents that the fire in your belly is more than just heartburn! This year, we've decided to celebrate this event in a unique way by inviting 8 video-makers to face off in a series of 1v1 battles! Who will savor a delectable victory… and who will have to swallow a bitter defeat?

Earlier this month, we (and, much to our regret, you) were hit with a technical problem that made it impossible to fight the Giant Kralove. Good news: All that is ancient history now! So… what do you say we celebrate with a spontaneous Dungeon Rusher event?

Every year, when Fairy Lax Day comes around, Twelvians do their utmost to do the utleast. And every year, we try to lure them out of bed with arguments that are hard to resist. How 'bout a little 50% profession XP bonus with your breakfast?

The announcement of its arrival, amid posts about the update titled Four Aces, piqued your curiosity. Since then, you've been spinning in circles. Well, the wait is over: the Elite Bonus Pack is available! You can also check out this week's selection of items.