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The second mark-down for the Ankama Shop Winter Sales is whipping up a real snowstorm! Temperatures are dropping, and our prices are too! Take advantage, because there won't be enough for everyone… 

Once again this year, you answered the siren song of the Thwee Kings Cake. It's impossible to say no to the luxurious combination of crispy puff pastry and smooth, creamy frangipane (or api sauce, for you fruit lovers out there). What's that got to do with this week's item selection? Just the fact that it's irresistible too…

We're starting the year with a bang in DOFUS Touch! Experience a concentrated blast of the best Dungeon Rushers from previous sessions in an event that's all about turning the excitement up to the MAXXX! Join us this Wednesday for a 6-in-1 Dungeon Rusher event!

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive #15 Info - January 14, 2022

New year, new Missive! It's time to look back at the year that's just come to an end, and start thinking about our plans for the year to come. We've got a lot to say, so let's get right to it!

Even though you're chilled to the bone, there's no way you'll just sit there when good deals start appearing today in the online Ankama Shop. It's time for an avalanche of discounts that are cooler than ever! 

You're already on the warpath, ready to ride into 2022 before you've even started working off the Kwismas dragoturkey and your overindulgence at the Clockwork Ball! Such enthusiasm… We're starting off 2022 with a bang by offering you a selection of prestigious items (and "classic" ones too, but rest assured, they're just as nice!).

Dofus Touch Happy New Year Everyone! Event - December 31, 2021

We all knew this day would come! We say goodbye to 2021 as it graciously nudges us into the arms of 2022. My, oh my… What adventures you've had over the last 12 months! Don't pull that face, those days are not over yet! The new year has not come empty-handed by the looks of it…

How about ending this year with something to face the new one with confidence? For your first steps into 2022, DOFUS Touch is offering you a double bonus in the game!

Xelor's clock is faulty! Or it's a ruse by the gods to celebrate Kwismas early… Whatever the reason, there's a gift waiting for you underneath your Itzting. Go open it now!

Kwismas on the one hand, Plantala: The Roots of Evil on the other… As the year comes to an end on DOFUS Touch, there are two different rooms, two different atmospheres… However… Do you see where we're going with this? No? Read the news that follows because it looks like there might be a little contest behind the itztings coming your way…

Congratulations! By finding the lost goblimps on Twitter, Nicholas Kwismas can now finish making his toys just in time for the holidays. As a thank you, the jolly old man has decided to fill his sack with gifts and give it to one of you on Descendre 24.

The sixteenth rotation of Ascension Island has started: the servers are now open! Unlock as many rewards as you can in your rise to glory!

Dofus Touch Honey, I Lost the Goblimps! Event - December 09, 2021

In this heartwarming Kwismas time, what would you say to a game of hide-and-seek on Twitter? With some lovable critters to boot? It'll be a riot! Find all 8 Kwismas goblimps hidden on our Twitter page to see what'll happen!

The wait is over! The last prestige items of the year are here. It's the last time you can treat yourself to this in 2021… Then again, December is the time to indulge, right?

At last. You've made it… To the edge of Plantala Forest. Are you brave enough to brush aside the stray branches in your way to enter this hidden territory ruled by a force of nature both predatory and beautiful? The decision rests with you alone…

Assuming The Roots of Evil hasn't dragged you six feet under Plantala, we heartily invite you to get your fill of fresh air over on Kwismas Island. That's right, the mythical island opens its doors tomorrow!

Dofus Touch Enjoy Black Friday! Shop - November 26, 2021

Take advantage of incredible discounts at the in-game store – Black Friday has crossed the pond and landed with a splash in DOFUS Touch!

Dofus Touch Revisiting the Beta Updates - November 25, 2021

The beta just ended, so now's the time to go over it! Our CMs address its main themes, finishing, of course, with the question on everyone's lips…

Ready to tear your hair out? Player Emrys has a brain-teaser worthy of Archimedes for you. Take your shot and try to win some nice prizes!

For this new Dungeon Rusher, we're offering the chance to descend into the smoldering ashes of the Obsidemon's Hypogeum. Watch out, though – the guardian is said to have a rather volcanic temper…

Ankama Krosmopack Shop - November 22, 2021

The next KrosmoNote has obviously fattened up for winter: it's stuffed like a turkey! But before we look at the program for the upcoming year, all media combined, we're offering a pack that has been specially designed for the occasion: the Krosmopack!

If you are waiting excitedly, we can't blame you because we are just as excited to roll out the red carpet for you, take a look back at what happened in 2021, and present everything we're planning for 2022. Yes, the KrosmoNote is back again this year on Friday, November 26. The festivities are starting early this year!

You've got an unbelievable burst of energy this week! Kind of like a willingness to move mountains, to shout out to anyone who'll listen (you won't leave them any other choice) that you are wild and free! But what actually happened… is that you ate all your Al Howin candy. Your blood sugar level should probably drop a little… say, by 60%? Just like the price of the Conqueror Pack!

What a happy coincidence. Just as the beta opens a doorway to the next DOFUS Touch update, a devblog leaps out of the woods to fully explain what will be featured.