Is your worst nightmare losing all your progress in DOFUS Touch? If so, use the Ankama Authenticator to protect your equipment, kamas and accounts! Read all about it.
Ankama Authenticator DOFUS Touch
How much would you be willing to pay to protect all your hard work and hours spent farming in DOFUS Touch? Your equipment, kamas, characters, etc. – how can you stop a thief from ruining all that in just a few seconds?
DOFUS Touch Phishing

We have the solution… and it's free, fast and effective!

The Ankama Authenticator is the account protection system that Ankama offers its players.

The application is based on two-factor authentication (2FA). Once the Authenticator is turned on, your account is protected by both information you know (your password) and something you own (your mobile device – a smartphone or tablet). This two-factor protection makes your account much more secure because thieves can't do anything without having both elements.

Take five minutes to watch this tutorial and secure your accounts for good:
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If you'd rather read than watch, we've got you covered with tutorials on the Ankama Support site!

Tip: Some of you already know about Ankama Shield protection, available notably for DOFUS PC. Shield does not work with DOFUS Touch!

The Authenticator is the best and only solution to protect your accounts.

If you want to take things further, here's even more advice on protecting your account!

We're counting on you to protect your accounts and spread the word among your friends. It's important!