The new major update is almost ready to go live! Come check it out and test it before anyone else using the beta version of the game: the "DOFUS Touch Early" app. On the program: a new zone, new monsters, new equipment… and many other surprises.

DOFUS Touch City of Orado Beta


What You Need to Know

The beta for the next major update is available now! It will run for two or three weeks.

To access it:
  • If you're on an Apple device, visit the App Store, look up the "DOFUS Touch Early" app, and download it.
  • With Google, you'll need to use this link on your mobile device to access it.

If you are unable to install the update, please reinstall the application completely.

The beta NPC is available as usual on the map [-2,0] so you can buy some of the update's new equipment and resources at bargain prices.

Once again, we decided to use the Discord reserved for the beta version of the game to communicate. So you can give us your feedback there or in this section of the official forum. There is no need to report the same issues on both Discord and the forum.

No rewards are planned, but you'll have the satisfaction of contributing to the project's development.

No actions performed in this version of the game will have any impact on the classic servers.

Please don't forget that this is a beta version and you might encounter various issues, as the point is to correct them before the official update!

A Golden City

A new zone for levels 160–170 is available south of Ascension Island and north of Orado Bayou: the City of Orado! Head out to find the many surprises in store for you and discover:
  • A colorful story and characters!
  • A new family of monsters and their boss: the Scalies
  • Two new wanted notices available at Amakna Castle prison
  • Two new sets
  • A new pet
  • 11 new quests. To access them you must have completed the following quests
    • The Paztek Language
    • Illumina Nui (access to Ascension Island)
    • Orado Bayou quests including The Secrets of the Bensieve
  • 11 new achievements

You can access this zone at (-73,-8) via Orado Bayou.

Ascension Island

The third rotation of Ascension Island is still underway and will conclude at the end of June! There's still time to try to rise to the top of the leaderboard to unlock as many rewards as you can.
  • New equipment is available:
    • Five level-200 non-set items of equipment, including two weapons
    • A level-200 set
    • A level-200 cape
    • A level-198 cape
    • A level-185 set
    • A level-177 amulet
    • A level-155 set
    • A level-125 set
    • A pet
  • The set bonuses (two or three items equipped) for Meno and Treasure Hunter equipment have been modified – % resistances have been added to the former, and elemental damage and statistics have been added to the latter. These modifications are retroactive.
  • Monsters' levels are now displayed correctly.
  • The boss Mucane is available in the bestiary.
  • During the next rotations, the "Keep Moving!" challenge will give you more points.

Professions and Resources

  • In order to allow high-level players to collect resources for their professions without having to face only low-level monsters, resource containers have been added to certain level-100 and higher monsters. Here's the breakdown:
    • Barrel of Water: It can be collected from monsters in the Scaly, Armarine, and Dodu families, as well as from resource protectors for the fisherman profession.
    • Bag of Onions: It can be collected from monsters in the Bearbarian family.
    • Bag of Cherries: It can be collected from monsters in the Snowfoux family.
    • Bag of Lemons: It can be collected from monsters in the Tears of Ouronigride family.
    • Bag of Babbage: It can be collected from monsters in the Minos family.
    • Bag of Jelly Blubber: It can be collected from monsters in the Leatherbod family. The resource "Jelly Blubber" has been renamed in French; there is no change in English.
    • Bag of Pepper: It can be collected from monsters in the zones "Lonesome Pine Trails" and "Alma's Cradle".
    • Bag of Magical Cure: It can be collected from monsters in the Mechaniac family.
    • Bag of Resin: It can be collected from monsters in the areas "Petrified Forest", "Tree Keeholo", and "Dark Jungle".
    • Bag of Salt: It can be collected from Bworker monsters and monsters in the Fungus family.
    • Barrel of Infected Blood: It can be collected from monsters in the Alchimera and Sakai families.
    • See the in-game bestiary for more information!
  • It is now possible to collect water unit by unit from monsters in the Dodu family and from resource protectors for the fisherman profession.
  • The quantity of water collected from wells has been reduced drastically.
  • A new potion is available for the Alchemist profession: Mage Upichu Potion. It allows you to teleport straight to Orado Bayou.
  • A new level-60 fish can be collected by fishermen: the Piraniak.
  • New recipes related to the Piraniak have been added.
  • New level-90 meats are available: Crocodyl Meat** and Crocodyl Meat***.
  • New recipes related to Crocodyl Meat have been added.
  • The Home Potion can no longer be obtained from NPCs. It can now be crafted by level-10 alchemists.


  • Messages for a same spell, a same attack, etc. are now grouped in the chat window.
  • An option is now available to hide mounts in combat.
  • Combat no longer crashes when a spell affects multiple entities.
  • When the player inflicts damage on shields (e.g. Masqueraider) without removing health points, the erosion displayed is now updated immediately.
  • The remaining shield points displayed are now updated correctly.
  • When being carried by a Pandawa, the preview of enemies who are in Lock on the character's path is updated correctly.


  • In order to limit crashing when opening the professions tab, its interface has been modified and optimized. This is a first step to study the impacts of this modification before starting similar work on the character and bank inventories.
  • In order to make it easier to submit reports, the /whois chat command now displays the date and time.
  • The progress bars on the achievements interface are now updated correctly.
  • In this same interface, the number of achievement points is centered correctly.
  • In the dungeon achievements interface, it is once again possible to view the average price of resources and open a context menu from them.
  • Filters to sort Dragoturkeys have been added and fixed:
    • A filter for certificate expiry dates has been added.
    • It is now possible to sort in reverse by pressing the filter you just applied a second time.
    • The serenity filter, which didn't take the smallest and largest values into account, has been corrected.


  • The performance of animations has been optimized in order to limit memory leaks on your devices.
  • The Brakarina Hormone potion now allows you to reach a bonus of 200 Vitality.
  • Using Sand Dungeon key fragments no longer removes the first Incarnam key fragment, but the first fragment for the dungeon in question.
  • Three new maps are available in the Hall of the Valiant zone (PvP tournament zone): Ecaflip (close combat), Sram (medium range), and Foggernaut (long range).
  • Monsters in the Fungus family no longer allow you to collect the Mush Mush set.
  • It is now possible to destroy the Tailblazer set in order to allow Mimisymbics to be used.
  • Several in-game texts have been corrected.
  • The amounts of monsters needed to feed the Sirocco mount has been reduced.
  • The critical hit chance of the Sacrificial Daggers has been changed from 1/30 to 1/35.

Got a problem to report or a suggestion to make? Head over to the Discord reserved for the beta version of the game or this section of the official forum!