The Taking of the Pastille remembers the day when King Allister almost lost his life by choking on a mint lozenge. Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate this symbolic occasion?

Prise de la Pastille DOFUS Touch
Every July 14th, we look back on the day King Allister, who had a sore throat, almost choked on a mint candy. It wouldn't have taken a lot for the monarchy to come crashing down! It's a symbolic event that his opponents never fail to celebrate.

Now it's your turn to join in the festivities!

Bonus Weekend


Starting Friday, 12 July 6:00 PM (Paris time) until Sunday, 14 July 11:59 PM (Paris time), get a +25% combat bonus XP and drops!

The bonus stacks with a Bonus Pack, but doesn't apply to professions, and doesn't work for arena fights.


A Gift for All

In order to temper the enthusiasm of his people, King Allister decided to give everyone a gift!

Until Sunday, July 14 11:59 PM (Paris time), use the code PASTILLE2019 to unlock various items.


Special Shop Offers 

For the Taking of the Pastille, don't forget to take advantage of the two packs linked to the event: the Royalist Pack, available in the classic section of the Shop, and the Monarch Pack, available in the Prestige section. 

The Royalist Pack


The Monarch Pack

  • XIV Set
  • Royal Dragoturkey
  • 30 Day Bonus Pack

Happy Taking of the Pastille to all!