With help from the S.P.C.A. (the Society for Partying and Caring for Animals), we're celebrating pets in the World of Twelve! To mark the occasion, you can participate in a contest and take advantage of special offers in the Shop. Read on for more details!

DOFUS Touch SPCA Celebration
Today we're honoring claws, fur, and slobbery tongues. Whoa, take it easy! Not yours, of course: your animal friends'!

Founded by the god Osamodas himself, the Society for Partying and Caring for Animals puts the spotlight on Bow Wows, Bow Meows, Piwis, and other pets inhabiting the World of Twelve!

As we tend to forget the help they provide us day to day, the foundation Animal Nation is taking advantage of this event to put on a big celebration entirely devoted to pets.

Special Offers in the Shop

Now through Wednesday, July 24 11:59 PM (Paris time), all pets in the in-game Shop are available for 30% off (including Prestige)!


But wait, there's more! You're also invited to take part in a contest for the chance to adopt a pet of your choice.

It's easy to participate: At the end of this article, leave a comment saying what your favorite pet is, and explain why in 2 or 3 sentences!

The contest starts now and goes until Sunday, July 28 11:59 PM (Paris time).


Two players will be drawn at random to receive a pet of their choosing (limited to those available in the in-game Shop).

In the meantime, enjoy celebrating the wild side of the World of Twelve!