Off the Sufokia coast, in the middle of a wildly heaving sea, a reddish ship split the waters. Its scarlet hull fought and conquered the waves, one after another, while the dark flag of piracy flew high on its mast. In the depths of the ship, however, spared by the salt and waves, pirates were dreaming…

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The wild, furious waves smashed relentlessly against the hull of the ship, which creaked and cracked with every gust. The water seeped between the wood planks, forming moving puddles on the ship's floor. The piles of crates and boxes were agitated, sliding back and forth in the overloaded hold. They crashed into the strapped down cannons first, bring several cannonballs with them as they made the return trip to crush the fruit stores. The smell of soaking wood mixed with the ship's customary perfume – sweat and wine. Candles, tied to beams, waved dangerously, casting dancing shadows on the ship's rounded surface. Outside, the storm could be heard roaring, the sky split by countless bolts of lightning and the torrential rain pouring down on the sea.

"One more day locked up in the stinking ship and I swear I'm going to throw myself to the sharks, like a beautiful lass throws herself into the arms of her beloved."

"When they see your toothless mug, those sharks are gonna spit you right back out, ha ha!"

Toothless Jonas threw his cleaver at Notufyne, who was hiding his giggling with his hands. The pirate missed him by a hair's breadth. A second later, a violent gust shook the ship again, cutting off the laughter. The sound of vomiting echoed discreetly in the back of the hold. A rat squealed as it was kicked. A throat cleared.

"Well now, we aren't going to spend the evening staring into the whites of our eyes until the storm decides to take its sorry self elsewhere! In a few hours, we're going to be rich! Rich, do you hear me? Filthy rich!! Even Notufyne can wrap his head around that!"

Greatbeard stood, and his stool took advantage of a new gust to tumble to the back of the hold. The eight pirate eyes sitting around the table were riveted on their bearded companion. He, whose facial hair was more impressive than his height, cast a friendly look at each of the seated pirates before continuing:

"Think about it! A mountain of gold coins for each of us! It's more than we've ever had, or ever hoped to have! And if Notufyne gets himself eaten by a Giant Kralove, that'll mean one more share to split among us. No more being anyone's dogsbody, no more hanging out with good-for-nothings! No more scouring the sea for naught and taking cannonballs in the kisser!"

"But, uh…" mumbled Notufyne, "well, I like the sea, you see…"

The bearded pirate nearly sat on thin air, but then leaned against a salt-worn wooden beam. His eyes shone like the pieces of gold he was imagining. Jonas scratched his skull thoughtfully, then eventually spoke to the bearded pirate:

"Yeah, yeah… Mountains of gold coins, as long as the captain lets us get within arms reach of the treasure!"

The pirate sighed loudly as the ship groaned threateningly once again. The ship rose and fell heavily under the torrents of wild water outside. Toothless took a long swig of wine and continued:

"All that effort to go hide his treasure on an island whose name and position we're going to forget… If I had that many gold coins, I'd never bury them in some rat hole! I'd use them to build an inn on top of a cliff overlooking the sea! I'd hire beautiful lasses to help me run the inn, and I'd watch the sunset every night until the end of time."

"With all that money," said Fat Bob, "I'd buy a huge ship and turn it into a floating restaurant! A restaurant-ship. I'd christen her the Salty Bay Leaf! I'd travel the seas and serve all the sailors in the world! I'd get to meet all the greatest pirates, and I'd be famous throughout the seas."

Homer, on Greatbeard's left, swallowed loudly when he heard that. Just the thought of the pirate's cooking was enough to make him shiver. Fat Bob glared at him, slapping his ladle against the palm of his hand.

"Well, me," said Homer quickly to distract him, "if I had all that gold, I'd never set foot at sea again. Never. Do you hear me?! No more seasickness, no more storms like this one. I'd buy a big house near Bonta and I'd take up music. Yes… Music… I'd play piano all day and I'd even give concerts! I'd become famous and I'd marry a blonde with big blue eyes… or maybe a beautiful brunette! I'm not particular, you know… As long as she's beautiful and doesn't mind my missing teeth too much…"

"She'll also need to put up with your dead Mastogob breath," snapped Fat Bob, "and that's a big ask! You poor salty dog, you, you'd do better to go back home to your old mum."

The three pirates around Homer laughed loudly while Notufyne wondered what a Mastogob looked like. The chubby round-cheeked cook turned to Greatbeard, who was laughing and scratching his beard.

"And what about you, Greatbeard, what are you going to do after we find this treasure?"

"I'm going back home to my daughter and her mother! I want to be a perfect father. Understand? No more piracy. I'll teach her how to fish for whale-sharks and empty out crabs, and how to wield a knife like nobody's business, and how to shake down scallywags! No one'll ever bother my darling little girl!"

"Yeah, yeah, that's good, it is!!"

"We'll have a small shack on the beach, or maybe near a lake. I'll teach her how to sail and one day she'll have her own ship… She might even want to be a pirate when she grows up! And watch out! She'll be an extremely talented pirate… But don't say anything about that to her mum…"

The four pirates looked at each other and nodded together in enthusiastic approval.

"Me, too, I'm going to do that!" shouted Notufyne jumping up and down on his stool. "I want to do the same as you once I'm rich! The house on the lake and the pirate ship, and all of it!"

"You don't have a wife or daughter, Notufyne. Sit down and find yourself another dream, you rapscallion, you!"

A bit disappointed, Notufyne sat down silently. The others at the table sighed, exasperated more than amused at the impressive emptiness between the pirate's two ears. The storm abated slowly and narrow rays of light started to slip in through the ship's portholes.

Greatbeard has turned to you. You're sitting on a wooden crate at the table, alongside the crew, across from the pirate with the wild, bushy beard. All eyes are staring at you intently.

"What about you? Why aren't you saying anything? What's your dream?! What are you going to do when we've gotten our hands on the treasure?"​​​​​​​