The beta version of the end-of-year update is available! It comes with plenty of changes, to say the least, including the shield revamp. See what's new in this changelog!

DOFUS Touch Beta At the Edges of Time


Accessing the Beta

The beta is available now!

To access it:

If you're on an Apple device, visit the App Store, look up the "DOFUS Touch Early" app, and download it.
For Google, you'll have to visit this link from your mobile device.

If you are unable to perform the update, please reinstall the application completely.

As usual, the beta NPC is available at [-2, 0] on the map so you can buy some of the update's new equipment and resources at bargain prices.

Once again, we decided to use the Discord reserved for the beta version of the game to communicate. So you can give us your feedback there, or in this section of the official forum (you may need to log out of the forum and log back in to unlock this section). There is no need to report the same issues on both Discord and the forum.

No rewards are planned, but you'll have the satisfaction of contributing to the project's development.

No actions performed in this version of the game will have any impact on the classic servers.

Please don't forget that this is a beta version and you might encounter various issues, as the point is to correct them before the official update!

At the Edges of Time

Your exciting journey with Epsilon is coming to an end! Set off on another adventure, in a new time bubble that will most definitely blow you away. Meet new characters, complete new quests, tackle all-new fights, and much more.

To access this bubble, you'll need to complete the quests from the previous zones: the bubble in Amakna Village, those in Frigost, as well as the bubble in Sufokia. Visit the Papycha website (in French) to learn more.

Changes to Cania

Following a terrible disaster, the area of Cania has changed quite a bit:
  • Visual overhaul and rearrangement of various areas
  • Changes made to some older monster families, from level 50 to 160
  • Removed a number of resources linked to Cania monsters, and modified associated recipes
  • 6 new craftable sets
  • 5 new achievements

As a result of these changes:
  • Certain paddocks have been moved
  • Certain Almanax bonuses have been changed
  • The World of Twelve map has been updated

Good to know: loading these new areas for the first time may cause some latency.

shield revamp

Non-cosmetic shields work in a completely new way, and new shields are available. Read the devblog devoted to this revamp to find out more!

Ascension Island

In-Game Rankings

They're here! Rankings for Ascension Island are now available directly in the game and in real time, via the Volcano icon in your shortcut bar. As no rotations are currently available in the beta, you won't be able to test it yet.

Changes to Difficulty

On paper, Ascension Island is available starting at level 100. But in practice, the difficulty is much higher there than on the battlefield! And so we decided to take it down a notch: The dungeon will be easier at the beginning, but it will get more difficult from one stage to the next and after reaching Nightmare mode. Monsters' levels will therefore go from 100-300 to 75-325.

Experience earned from combat in the dungeon has increased.

New Rankings and Rewards

Speaking of rankings, here they have been updated to offer a greater challenge to the most players. They now include a "Top 10" and "Top 30". But there's more! The best players from each server will now receive goultines. Here's a breakdown of the new table of rankings and rewards:

New Equipment

New equipment is available using the resources offered by the Ascension Island merchant:
  • Two new level 200 sets
  • A new level 200 hammer

Class Balancing


First Aid
  • The maximum number of casts per turn is now 3 (up from 2).
  • The maximum number of casts per target per turn is now 2 (up from 1).


Stimulating Word
  • The erosion applied by the spell can no longer be unbewitched.

Draining Word
  • The erosion applied by the spell can no longer be unbewitched.

Word of Sacrifice
  • The erosion applied by the spell can no longer be unbewitched.

Preventing Word
  • The spell now requires a line of sight.
  • The cooldown has been reduced by 2 turns for every spell level.


Manifold Bramble
  • Critical Hit rate at spell level 6 is no longer a fixed amount.


  • The spell now costs 2 AP per spell level.
  • The cooldown has been increased by 1 turn for spell levels 5 and 6.

  • The spells "Koalak Curse" and "Koalak Tracking" do slightly less damage than before.

Red Wyrmling
  • The Unhealable state applied by the Red Wyrmling can no longer be unbewitched.

  • The spells "Skewering" and "Boar Tracking" do slightly more damage than before.
  • At level 3, the spells "Skewering" and "Boar Tracking" correctly push units 3 cells back instead of 2 when the spell doesn't crit.


Dopplesque Backlash
  • The characteristics steal no longer lasts more than 1 turn.
  • The spell's effects no longer stack.

Dopplesque Cloudy Attack
  • The characteristics steal no longer lasts more than 1 turn.
  • The spell's effects no longer stack.


Xelor's Dial
  • The Dial is no longer considered a summon.
  • Summoning a second Dial will remove and replace the first one already placed on the field.
  • The spell no longer grants an extra 1 AP.

Changes to Equipment

Set Bonuses

In response to the second workshop on adding more value to existing sets, some set bonuses (bonuses unlocked when 2 or more items in the same set are equipped) have been modified:

  • Vitality has been added.
  • AP Parry has been added.
  • Critical Hit has been added.
  • A Summon has been added.
  • The ring can now be equipped starting at level 190.
  • The belt can now be equipped starting at level 193.
  • The hammer can now be equipped starting at level 194.
  • The Strength and Intelligence required to equip the hammer have been lowered to 350.

Hel Munster
  • Vitality has been added.
  • Water and Air damage have been added.
  • MP Parry has been added.
  • The Chance and Agility bonuses have been increased.

And that's not all! We wanted to get a head-start on things and go further in adding value to sets, for those not requiring extensive discussion. And if you'd still like to submit feedback, the beta phase is ideal for that. Here are the set bonuses in question:

  • Bonus Vitality and Healing have been added.

  • The Scepter is no longer in the set.
  • As a result, set bonuses have been scaled down from a maximum of 4 to 3 items.
  • The set bonuses now provide Strength and Chance.

Gladiator Bworker
  • Characteristics bonuses have been reduced.
  • The set bonuses now provide Intelligence and Chance.

Guten Tak
  • Requirements for the Bow have been reduced.
  • The Bow is no longer part of the set.
  • As a result, set bonuses have been scaled down from a maximum of 4 to 3 items.

  • The Wand no longer has an Agility requirement.
  • The weapon's Critical Hit bonus has been increased.
  • The Wand is no longer part of the set.
  • Set bonuses have therefore been scaled down from a maximum of 5 to 4 items.

Buck Anear
  • The Sabre's Agility requirement has been lowered.
  • The Strength requirement has been removed.
  • The weapon's Critical Hit bonus has been increased.
  • The Wand is no longer part of the set.
  • As a result, set bonuses have been scaled down from a maximum of 4 to 3 items.
  • The Agility and Intelligence set bonuses have been increased.

  • A full set now provides 1 AP.
  • The Range bonus is now unlocked at 2 items equipped.


The following sets have updated recipes: Stringsecticide, Hail, Buck Anear, Guten Tak, Frigostine, Prophets, Henual, Hel Munster, Meno, and Shushuvereign.

Limbo Wand

The bonuses provided by the melee weapon Limbo Wand were much too high for its level. So we decided to change its equipment conditions as follows:
  • AP lower than 12 OR MP lower than 6
  • AND Wisdom higher than 100

Optimized Loading Times: Inventories, Banks and More

We've started improving the loading time for inventories, banks, chests… any interfaces that display several pages, in fact! These interfaces should load much faster now. To offset this, however, the loading time between pages in these interfaces will take a bit longer.

Before these changes, the game would load all data from the inventory or bank before displaying it. Now it will load from page to page.

Also, the game will no longer load empty pages.


Quests and Achievements

  • Achievements can now be unlocked for the time bubble quest line.
  • A new quest is available from the NPC Nash Nulrail in the Astrub Outskirts to unlock the "Stagecoach" mode of transportation. The quest is also available through the other stagecoach stations in the game.
  • The quest "The Authenti Worm Speaks from the Mouth of Hell" will now launch properly.
  • The quest "Be Fecaful! My Herd!" has been updated; visiting the grocery store is no longer required.


  • When you collect items through a quest, these are now listed in the chat window with kamas and experience.
  • A message now appears in the chat window when your mount levels up.
  • The lengthy descriptions of certain spells now appear in full in the spell book.
  • The spell description for "Ecaflip's Luck" is now correct.
  • Various lines of dialogue and translations have been corrected.

Pets and Mounts

  • Following the change made to the Power characteristic in September, the bonus from the following pets has been increased: Willy Peninzias, Angora Bow Meow, Mischievous Squirrel, Little Black Bow Wow, Feanor, Tabby Bow Meow, Leopardo, Pingoku, and Grauler. Pets requiring food or souls will need to be increased manually up to their new maximum stat.
  • All Vitality pets now grant a bonus of 400 Vitality once raised to the maximum. Their area bonus is always 20%, and the bonus from their improvement potion is 40.
  • The Ginger Dragoturkey has been updated; it now provides a maximum bonus of 300 Vitality.


  • The Osamodas spell "Martyr" no longer reveals the location of a Rogue affected by Roguery if they are in the area of effect.
  • An animation has been added to the Dofushu spell "Binary Bloodlust".


  • Wabbit drills, not currently in use, no longer appear on in-game maps.
  • Two new Smithmagi's Workshops have been added, one at [0, 1] and the other at [-16, -40].
  • There was a barrier preventing travel downward (or upward) across the map at [-1, 11]; this has been removed.
  • There are two new entrances into Tainela, on the western and northern sides of the area.
  • It's no longer possible to place prisms or perceptors at [26, 22] in the Foggernaut Temple.
  • Minotoror Dungeon: Monsters for relics can now reappear twice in a row on the same map.


  • To be consistent with the new shield recipes, the weight of the following materials is now lower: Aluminite, Ardonite, Bakelelite, Ebonite, Kobalite, Kouartz, Kriptonite, Magnesite, Steel Plate, Pyrute, Brassic, and Tunder Alloy.
  • Lair Badges can now be traded through the Marketplace.
  • On days of the Almanax offering a star bonus for monster groups, leaving combat would make the group reappear with 10 stars. This problem has been fixed.
  • The level of monsters in Orado Bayou has been changed.
  • The Tailblazer Set has been fixed; it can now be used as a ceremonial item.
  • The game is no longer compatible with Android 4.0 devices or lower.