Take advantage of the Kwismas magic for a little over a month in DOFUS Touch!

DOFUS Touch Kwismas

Many of you have awaited its return, and now it's here! Go adventure seeking on Kwismas Island until January 28, 2020.

This magical island offers a wide variety of content, in particular:
  • 3 new zones with 3 Kwismas Dungeons and new achievements to unlock
  • Kwismas-themed rewards, for example the Slayhound petsmount
  • Gifts that drop from the island's various monsters
  • A community quest, including the mysterious Slab Room
  • New daily and one-off quests
  • A Kwismas Dragoturkey

You might also cross paths with the terrifying Kwismas Minotoball, which will offer you a shield and an exclusive title if you defeat him...

Hurry to the island on Hector Kwismas' boat, located at [8,-6]!