Ready to tear your hair out? Player Marthys has a new brain-teaser worthy of the name for you. Take your shot and try to win lovely prizes!

DOFUS Touch Brain-Teaser
Marthys is back with a new brain-teaser that might just send you around the bend! Can you find the solution?

Event Concept

The goal is simple: Use the screenshot and information below in this post to figure out how to kill the Sacrier without killing one of your teammates.

Want to try your luck? Send an email to [email protected] before 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, February 16 describing exactly what to do to achieve the goal! What actions? In what order? Everything…

IMPORTANT: Sharing your solution with other players is not allowed and may result in disqualification! Plus, doing so would not be to your advantage. Indeed, prizes will be distributed via a random drawing from among all players who have correctly solved the brain-teaser. The more players find the right answer, the less chance you have of walking away with prizes!

The Brain-Teaser

DOFUS Touch Brain-Teaser


The battle is raging, and you're in a bad way. You and your teammate have very few health points left, while the opposing Sacrier still has exactly 2,800 HP.

The strategy is simple: You (the Iop) must kill the Sacrier before your teammate plays (right after you) and ends the match by killing the Cra.

That means you must kill the Sacrier who has 2,800 HP WITHOUT killing your Pandawa acolyte.

Your Pandawa teammate has only 1 HP. A single attack from you – even pushback damage – would be enough to take him down.

Important Information

Your attack damage is known.
  • Concentration = 200 damage
  • Divine Sword = 190
  • Pressure = 230
  • Iop's Wrath = 1,650
  • Leek Pie = 130
  • Destructive Sword = 370
  • Sword of Iop = 430
  • Sword of Judgment = 250 (Air) + 150 (Fire)
  • Celestial Sword = 420
  • Cut = 200
  • Strengthstorm = 360
  • Perfidious Boomerang = 530
  • Moon Hammer = 600
  • Your close-combat damage (daggers) is 670. Your close combat has only one line of damage.
  • Your opponents have exactly the same resistances. Your attacks will do the same damage if you strike the Sacrier or the Cra.
  • The Intimidation spell will deal exactly 0 because your opponents have 100 neutral fixed resistance. In addition, your opponents have too much pushback resistance for pushback damage to be done.

Simplifying Assumptions

Area-of-effect spells will always have the same damage, even if you do not hit your opponent full-on.

Divine Sword: The damage boost is indeed counted.
Your damage after a Divine Sword will be +20.
Your damage after two Divine Swords will be +40.
Example: The Leek Pie spell deals 130. If you cast a Divine Sword right before (which would deal 190 damage), then the Leek Pie spell will deal 150.

Jump: Your damage will be increased by +100 if you hit a character that has been struck by the Jump spell.
Example: The Leek Pie spell deals 130. If you cast the Jump spell on only the Sacrier right before, then the Leek Pie spell will deal 230 on the Sacrier and 130 on the Cra.

Vitality: A Vitality cast on the Iop will provide him with 1,000 vitality.
A Vitality cast on the Pandawa will provide him with 500 vitality.

Additional Information

  • You have 12 AP and 5 MP.
  • Your set does not give you a range bonus.
  • We do not know the Iop's equipment. He can therefore have any existing set.
  • Your Iop is at level 200.
  • You have equipped daggers for close combat.
  • All your spells are level 6.
  • The Sword of Fate, Duel and Power spells are not available.
  • The Power spell costs 3 AP.
  • All the other spells are available.
  • The Cut spell's range is 1 to 7 RA.
  • The Iop is completely locked by his opponents.
  • The cost of daggers is 3 AP

Bewitchments on Characters:

It's your turn. You must remove 2,800 HP from the Sacrier without killing your allies. Right before taking action, you look at the bewitchments:

  • Powerful Shooting: +300 power, +10 critical hits (2 turns)
  • Bow Skill: +70 damage (2 turns)
  • Sacrifice (2 turns)
  • Evasion (1 turn)

  • Bold Punishment: +200 chance (4 turns)
  • Fury: +36 damage (2 turns)
  • Fury: +24 damage (3 turns)
  • Fury: +12 damage (4 turns)

  • No bewitchments.

  • No bewitchments.


Three players will be drawn at random from among those who found the right answer. Those three will come away with:
  • a cosmetic item of their choice from the Prestige shop (excluding packs and services);
  • a Gerbean pet; and
  • a Ridit shield.

Only one entry per person. You have until Sunday, February 16 at 11:59 PM (Paris time).

Have fun racking your brains!


ANKAMA GAMES (Lille Metropolitan Area Companies and Commerce Register: 492 360 730) located at 75 bd. d'Armentières, 59100 Roubaix, France, is organizing from 02/06/2020 to 02/16/2020 at 11:59 p.m. (local time in Paris, France) a free game, no purchase necessary, titled "Brain-Teaser: Look Out for Your No. 1!" open to all private individuals worldwide. To enter, send an email to the address [email protected] indicating precisely how to solve the proposed brain-teaser (what actions to perform, in what order, etc.). A random drawing will select three winners in the French-speaking community and three winners in the international community from among the right answers. Prize value per winner: from €16 to €37 (incl. tax). Full game rules and regulations are available at the following link.