The people of the World of Twelve are once again getting ready to see things through rose-colored glasses! Will you get bitten by the "Saint Ballotwine" bug?

DOFUS Touch Saint Ballotwine


The reopening of Otomai Island has been causing numerous incidents for years now, including the curious illness that affects animals: Chocrosis. Gobballs have been the outbreak's main victims – their wool turns pink and they become quite aggressive.

If one of them happens to charge at you, you have only two choices: Be scared to death and get trampled… to death, or beat them and make it rain resources.

Get ready: Saint Ballotwine is back tomorrow!

The Program

  • Exclusive quests in conjunction with pinkish, love-struck Gobballs…
  • The NPC Ballotwine, located in the Trool Fair at [-11,-37], who will give you 1 Heart-Shaped Fairywork in exchange for 20 Gobball Wool.
  • An Almanax bonus: On February 14, all characters who come down with a case of Chocrosis will see their experience gains increased by 100% in fights against monsters.
  • All Shigekax will be available in the shop, and it's buy one get one free! Offer valid from 10:00 AM (Paris time) on Friday, February 14, until 9:00 AM (Paris time) on February 17.
  • A new pack is available in the Prestige section of the shop.

The Saint Ballotwine event will start on Wednesday, February 12, after the weekly maintenance and will end on Tuesday, February 18 at that same time.

Have fun!