The Miss & Mister World of Twelve pageant is keeping up its momentum! It's time for the results of the first round and the description of the second round.
Miss & Mister DOFUS Touch


Results of the First Round

Let's get straight into the list of those who qualified for the second round! They passed the "personification" round with flying colors.
  • Oshimo: Deus-supremacy, xXx-ChaRtReS-xXx, Samskay, NSK0408, Tr0nel, GoldenDomino, chatonbrutal2018, Woax, Megamok, Alisha7, Muguwara-Tail, Ideceus72, PsyDrDre, Nofakez, Bootlegs
  • Terra Cogita: wiiinner, oxysofia, -rockette-, aigle-du-sang, BLIISH, CalipsOnira, missrokaroka, Mamene1074, Cwety64, Root-SG, olivef0931, VixHaine, Lethargi, Urpixx0, Cyliabelle
  • Herdegrize: soprozerklm, Axton375, fuunsaike, natshooterxd83, As4Kur4, Jowanes, Scarfacerif, Evil-Triquetrum, Xtivik-le-retour, hasversmoune, OmgResTerre, Rockia-blue
  • Grandapan: Kcujo, Trishy03, W0lfyy, MrDSire
  • Dodge: gumgumfruit, RedMo0n, adikfeha, Satiharu, Khaos, Bl4ckMoon, MOOIUGAZXZ, tenefix, les-feu, BulletRouge, Yshaaban, BlueM0on
  • Brutas: Howlz, BADLISSY, RCpool, mi-gatitolindo123, viejillo59876, DarkyBonfire, Artal-ll, tumadreperroo, kazaminz, WHEREVER-PATTO, lescanorivas

Round 2: All Kinds of Features

The first round may only just have finished, but the second one's already in sight. Whereas the first one highlighted your character's story, this one will let you say which in-game feature you like the most, through your skin. It could be an area, a series of quests, a dungeon, or something else. What's important is for your skin to best represent what you like the most!

Entries for this second round are open now and will close at 9:00 AM (Paris time) on February 19.

To take part, you just need to take a screenshot of your character in the game, then publish it on the dedicated topic. You can also opt for Twitter by sending your entry to #MissMisterFeatures.

At the end of this round, two characters (one male, one female) will be selected per server, all classes combined. This time, this round's winners will receive*:


Every self-respecting event needs a few rules!
  • Participation in this round must be done with the same character as the previous round
  • Only one entry per player is allowed.
  • An image will not be counted on Twitter without the following information
    • Screenshot title
    • Forum name (the name that is publicly visible on Ankama sites and forums)
    • Server
  • The screenshot of your character must be taken on your server and not on the beta server. The screenshot must not have been edited, reworked or altered.
  • Any screenshot that is of insufficient quality and/or fails to meet the above criteria shall be disqualified. In addition, any screenshot deemed off-topic, irrelevant, incomprehensible, vulgar, or pornographic, racist, or homophobic in nature, or contrary in any way to applicable laws or community standards shall be disqualified immediately.
  • To make your character more lively, the use of emotes is strongly recommended.
  • Pets, mounts and petsmounts are allowed.
  • Sets are limited to one item maximum, including Living Items, Coulives and other chameleon equipment.

We have decided to set such rules above all to maximize your creativity and artistic sense. We would like to showcase your talents to offer even more original skins!

Take Part in the Contest

Here is the list of topics where you can post your entries depending on your server:
Or you can also opt for Twitter by sending your entry to #MissMisterFeatures.

Get your skin on!

The Skiny team is responsible for organizing and running the contest. Please contact the organizers first for all questions or claims regarding the contest. Screenshots submitted by participants may be placed online in a gallery for the contest and/or reproduced in whole or in part on one or more websites belonging to the Ankama group, on its official pages and notably on, social media and online streaming sites, and/or on one of the Ankama group's YouTube channels as soon as they are posted online by the participants, which all contest participants expressly acknowledge and accept. To this end, all rights to these screenshots are ceded to Ankama Games in accordance with the provisions set forth in this document:
* Prizes are strictly personal and non-transferable, and therefore cannot be sold, exchanged, loaned, ceded or transferred to, or benefit any third party, ascendant, descendant, beneficiary, or other person for any reason unless otherwise stipulated by Ankama. Prizes awarded to the winner's Ankama account can under no circumstances be transferred to another Ankama account, whether the account belongs to the winner or not, unless otherwise stipulated by Ankama. The winner may not claim any compensation when or if the MMORPG DOFUS Touch stops being published and/or distributed in its current form or in any other form.